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David Bischoff was born in 1951 in Washington D.C. He graduated fromthe U. of Md. in 1973 and spent many years at NBC Washington. He's been a professional writer for twenty five years now and has published many novels, short stories and articles. As a teen, Bischoff was a great fan both of humorous stories of Keith Laumer, and the funny, erotic art of Vaughn Bode.

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Aliens vs Predator 01-03 - Prey; Hunter's Planet; War - David Bischoff, Steve Perry, Stephani D Perry.epub
David Bischoff & Christopher Lampton - The Seeker.epub
David Bischoff & Dennis R Bailey - Tin Woodman.epub
David Bischoff & Saul Garnell - Star Hounds 01-04 - Star Hounds (The Infinite Battle; Galactic Warriors; The Macrocosmic Conflict; The Planet Killer).epub
David Bischoff & Thomas F Monteleone - Dragonstar 01 - Day of the Dragonstar.epub
David Bischoff & Thomas F Monteleone - Dragonstar 02 - Night of the Dragonstar.epub
David Bischoff & Thomas F Monteleone - Dragonstar 03 - Dragonstar Destiny.epub
David Bischoff - A Personal Demon.epub
David Bischoff - Hackers.epub
David Bischoff - Joy to the World.epub
David Bischoff - Nightworld 01 - Night World.epub
David Bischoff - Nightworld 02 - Vampires of Nightworld.epub
David Bischoff - Philip K Dick High.epub
David Bischoff - Santa Ritual.epub
David Bischoff - Star Fall 01 - Star Fall.epub
David Bischoff - Star Fall 02 - Star Spring.epub
David Bischoff - The Blob.epub
David Bischoff - The Girl Who Loved Dark Shadows 01 - At the Twilight's Last Gleaming.epub
David Bischoff - The Man Who Would Be Overlord.epub
David Bischoff - The Sorcerer's Apprentice's Apprentice.epub
David Bischoff - Tripping.pdf
David Bischoff - Tripping The Dark Fantastic.epub
David Bischoff - UFO Conspiracy 01-03 - Abduction; Deception; Revelation.epub
David Bischoff - WarGames.epub
David Bischoff, Steve Perry, Stephani D Perry - Aliens vs Predator 01-03 Omnibus (Prey, Hunter's Planet, War).epub

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