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Bob Shaw was born in Northern Ireland in 1931. After working in structural engineering, industrial public relations and journalism he became a full time writer in 1975. Among his novels are Other Days, Other Eyes, The Ragged Astronauts, The Wooden Spaceships and The Fugitive Worlds. He died in 1996.

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Bob Shaw & Walt Willis - The Enchanted Duplicator.epub
Bob Shaw - A Better Mantrap.epub
Bob Shaw - A Full Member of the Club.epub
Bob Shaw - A Wreath of Stars.epub
Bob Shaw - Cosmic Kaleidoscope.epub
Bob Shaw - Dagger of the Mind.epub
Bob Shaw - Dark Night in Toyland.epub
Bob Shaw - Fire Pattern.epub
Bob Shaw - Ground Zero Man.epub
Bob Shaw - Killer Planet.epub
Bob Shaw - Land and Overland 01 - The Ragged Astronauts.epub
Bob Shaw - Land and Overland 01-03 - Land and Overland (The Ragged Astronauts; The Wooden Spaceships; The Fugitive Worlds).epub
Bob Shaw - Land and Overland 02 - The Wooden Spaceships.epub
Bob Shaw - Land and Overland 03 - The Fugitive Worlds.epub
Bob Shaw - Land and Overland 3 - The Fugitive Worlds.epub
Bob Shaw - Land and Overland 99 - Omnibus.epub
Bob Shaw - Light of Other Days.epub
Bob Shaw - Medusa's Children.epub
Bob Shaw - Night Walk.epub
Bob Shaw - One Million Tomorrows.epub
Bob Shaw - Orbitsville 01 - Orbitsville.epub
Bob Shaw - Orbitsville 01-03 - Orbitsville Trilogy.epub
Bob Shaw - Orbitsville 02 - Orbitsville Departure.epub
Bob Shaw - Orbitsville 03 - Orbitsville Judgement.epub
Bob Shaw - Orbitsville 99 - Omnibus.epub
Bob Shaw - Other Days, Other Eyes.epub
Bob Shaw - Shadow of Heaven.epub
Bob Shaw - Ship of Strangers.epub
Bob Shaw - The Ceres Solution.epub
Bob Shaw - The Palace of Eternity.epub
Bob Shaw - The Peace Machine.epub
Bob Shaw - The Two-timers.epub
Bob Shaw - Tomorrow Lies in Ambush.epub
Bob Shaw - Vertigo.epub
Bob Shaw - Warren Peace 01 - Who Goes Here.epub

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