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Tim Severin 14


Tim Severin, explorer/traveller, author, film-maker and lecturer, made his first expedition by motor cycle along the route of Marco Polo while still a student at Oxford. This was the start of his career as an explorer and writer. Severin has recreated a number of legendary voyages and journeys in order to determine how much of the legends are based on factual experience.


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Tim Severin - Hector Lynch 01 - Corsair.epub
Tim Severin - Hector Lynch 02 - Buccaneer.epub
Tim Severin - Hector Lynch 03 - Sea Robber.epub
Tim Severin - Hector Lynch (Pirate) 04 - Privateer.epub
Tim Severin - Hector Lynch (Pirate) 05 - Freebooter.epub
Tim Severin - In Search of Robinson Crusoe (Seeking Robinson Crusoe).epub
Tim Severin - Saxon 01 - The Book of Dreams.epub
Tim Severin - Saxon 02 - The Emperor's Elephant.epub
Tim Severin - Saxon 03 - The Pope's Assassin.epub
Tim Severin - Seeking Robinson Crusoe (In Search of Robinson Crusoe).epub
Tim Severin - The Brendan Voyage.epub
Tim Severin - Viking 01 - Odinn's Child.epub
Tim Severin - Viking 02 - Sworn Brother.epub
Tim Severin - Viking 03 - King's Man (Liegeman).epub

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