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Steve White is an American science fiction author best known as the co-author of the Starfire-series alongside David Weber.

He is married with 3 daughters and currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. He also works for a legal publishing company. He previously served as a United States Navy officer and served during the Vietnam War and in the Mediterranean region.

Format ePub


Steve White & Charles E Gannon - Extremis.epub
Steve White & Mark McKenzie-Ray - Vampires- A Hunter's Guide.epub
Steve White & Shirley Meier - Exodus.epub
Steve White - Blood of the Heroes.epub
Steve White - Demons Gate.epub
Steve White - Dinosaur Hunter- The Ultimate Guide to the Biggest Game.epub
Steve White - Forge of the Titans.epub
Steve White - Her Majesty's American.epub
Steve White - Jason Thanou 04 - Ghosts of Time.epub
Steve White - Jason Thanou 05 - Soldiers Out of Time.epub
Steve White - Lokaran-The Stars 01 - Eagle Against the Stars.epub
Steve White - Lokaran-The Stars 02 - Wolf Among the Stars.epub
Steve White - Prince of Sunset 01 - Prince of Sunset.epub
Steve White - Prince of Sunset 02 - Emperor of Dawn.epub
Steve White - Saint Antonys Fire.epub
Steve White - Starfire 07 - Imperative - Charles E Gannon.epub
Steve White - Starfire 08 - Oblivion.epub
Steve White - The Disinherited 01 - The Disinherited.epub
Steve White - The Disinherited 02 - Legacy.epub
Steve White - The Disinherited 03 - Debt of Ages.epub
Steve White - The Prometheus Project.epub
Steve White - The Shiva Option.epub
Steve White - T R A 02 - Sunset of the Gods.epub
Steve White - T R A 03 - Pirates of the Timestream.epub

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