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Shirl Anders 11


I have been writing genre erotic romance since 1998. My love is science fiction mixed with erotic romance or just plain sweet romance. But I write mostly historical erotic romance, because well, ... that is what sells : )


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Shirl Anders - Ex's Redrock 01 - Their Ex's Redrock One.epub
Shirl Anders - Ex's Redrock 02 - Their Ex's Redrock Two.epub
Shirl Anders - Ex's Redrock 03 - Their Ex's Redrock Three.epub
Shirl Anders - Ex's Redrock 04 - Their Ex's Redrock Four.epub
Shirl Anders - My Lady 01-05 - My Lady Compelled; Enslaved; Captive; Taken; Enthralled.epub
Shirl Anders - Owning Arabella.pdf
Shirl Anders - Regency Rogues (My Lady Series (Compelled; Enslaved; Captive; Taken; Enthralled; Gambled); Owning Arabella; Red Cloak of Abandon).epub
Shirl Anders - Texas Alpha 02 - Their Ex's Redrock Midnight.epub
Shirl Anders - Texas Alpha 03 - Their Ex's Redrock Dawn.epub
Shirl Anders - Texas Alpha 04 - Their Ex's Redrock Twilight.epub
Shirl Anders - Wicked Lord 01 - Wicked Lord.epub

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