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Paul Gallico 23


Paul William Gallico was a successful American novelist and short story writer. Many of his works were adapted for motion pictures. He is perhaps best remembered for the story The Snow Goose, which was his only real critical success, and for his novel The Poseidon Adventure, primarily because it has been made into several films, particularly the generally well-received 1972 version.


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Paul Gallico - Coronation.epub
Paul Gallico - Lou Gehrig- Pride of the Yankees.epub
Paul Gallico - Love of Seven Dolls.epub
Paul Gallico - Love, Let Me Not Hunger.epub
Paul Gallico - Manxmouse.epub
Paul Gallico - Miracle in the Wilderness.epub
Paul Gallico - Mrs Harris 01 & 02 - Mrs Harris Goes to Paris & Mrs Harris Goes to New York.epub
Paul Gallico - Mrs Harris 03 - Mrs Harris, MP.epub
Paul Gallico - Mrs Harris 04 - Mrs Harris Goes to Moscow.epub
Paul Gallico - Poseidon Adventure 01 - The Poseidon Adventure.epub
Paul Gallico - Poseidon Adventure 02 - Beyond the Poseidon Adventure.epub
Paul Gallico - Scruffy.epub
Paul Gallico - Snowflake.epub
Paul Gallico - The Abandoned (Jennie).epub
Paul Gallico - The Adventures of Hiram Holliday.epub
Paul Gallico - The Boy Who Invented the Bubble Gun.epub
Paul Gallico - The Lonely.epub
Paul Gallico - The Man Who Was Magic.epub
Paul Gallico - The Small Miracle.epub
Paul Gallico - The Snow Goose & The Small Miracle.epub
Paul Gallico - The Snow Goose.epub
Paul Gallico - The Story of Silent Night.epub
Paul Gallico - Thomasina- The Cat Who Thought She Was God (The Three Lives of Thomasina).epub

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