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Kimberly Lang hid romance novels behind her textbooks in junior high, and even a master's program in English couldn't break her obsession with dashing heroes and happily ever after. A ballet dancer turned English teacher, Kimberly married an electrical engineer and turned her life into an ongoing episode of "When Dilbert Met Frasier."

Format ePub


Kimberly Lang - Boardroom Rivals, Bedroom Fireworks.epub
Kimberly Lang - Boardroom Rivals, Bedroom Fireworks!.epub
Kimberly Lang - Kept for His Pleasure 06 - The Secret Mistress Arrangement.epub
Kimberly Lang - Kept for His Pleasure 09 - The Millionaire's Misbehaving Mistress.epub
Kimberly Lang - LaBlanc Sisters 01 - The Downfall of a Good Girl.epub
Kimberly Lang - LaBlanc Sisters 02 - The Taming of a Wild Child.epub
Kimberly Lang - Last Groom Standing.epub
Kimberly Lang - Magnolia Beach 01 - Something to Prove.epub
Kimberly Lang - Magnolia Beach 01.5 - One Little Thing.epub
Kimberly Lang - Magnolia Beach 02 - Everything at Last.epub
Kimberly Lang - Magnolia Beach 03 - More Than Anything.epub
Kimberly Lang - Marshall Family 02 - The Power and the Glory.epub
Kimberly Lang - Marshals 03 - Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet.epub
Kimberly Lang - One Night in New Orleans 01 - No Time Like Mardi Gras.epub
Kimberly Lang - The Ex Factor - Girls' Guide to Flirting with Danger.epub
Kimberly Lang - The Million-Dollar Question.epub
Kimberly Lang - The Privileged and the Damned.epub
Kimberly Lang - What Happens in Vegas.epub
Kimberly Lang - When Honey Got Married # Anna Cleary, Kelly Hunter, Ally Blake.epub

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