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Kim Newman 46


Jack Yeovil

An expert on horror and sci-fi cinema (his books of film criticism include Nightmare Movies and Millennium Movies), Kim Newman's novels draw promiscuously on the tropes of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. 


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Kim Newman - Angels of Music.epub
Kim Newman - Anno Dracula 01 - Anno Dracula.epub
Kim Newman - Anno Dracula 02 - The Bloody Red Baron.epub
Kim Newman - Anno Dracula 03 - Judgment of Tears (Dracula Cha Cha Cha).epub
Kim Newman - Anno Dracula 04 - Johnny Alucard.epub
Kim Newman - Anno Dracula - Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories.epub
Kim Newman - Anthology - In Dreams # Paul J McAuley.epub
Kim Newman - An English Ghost Story.epub
Kim Newman - A Drug on the Market.epub
Kim Newman - A Shambles in Belgravia.epub
Kim Newman - A Victorian Ghost Story.epub
Kim Newman - Bad Dreams.epub
Kim Newman - Castle in the Desert - Anno Dracula 1977.pdf
Kim Newman - Coppola's Dracula.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club 01 - The Man from the Diogenes Club.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club 02 - The Secret Files of the Diogenes Club.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - Angel Down, Sussex.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - Another Fish Story.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - Clubland Heroes.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - Cold Snap.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - Egyptian Avenue.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - Soho Golem.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - Swellhead.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - The Big Fish.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - The End of the Pier Show.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - The Gypsies In The Wood.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - The Man Who Got Off The Ghost Train.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - The Serial Murders.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - Tomorow Town.epub
Kim Newman - Diogenes Club - You Don't Have To Be Mad.epub
Kim Newman - Dr Who - Telos Novellas 01 - Time and Relative.epub
Kim Newman - Going to Series.epub
Kim Newman - Great Western.epub
Kim Newman - Illimitable Domain.epub
Kim Newman - Is There Anybody There.epub
Kim Newman - Jago.epub
Kim Newman - Life's Lottery (revised).epub
Kim Newman - Professor Moriarty - The Hound of the D'Urbervilles.epub
Kim Newman - Richard Riddle, Boy Detective in The Case Of The French Spy.epub
Kim Newman - The 100 Best Horror Books # Stephen Jones.epub
Kim Newman - The Night Mayor.epub
Kim Newman - The Other Side of Midnight.epub
Kim Newman - The Quorum.epub
Kim Newman - The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School.epub
Kim Newman - The Wandering Christian # Eugene Byrne.epub
Kim Newman - Ubermensch.epub

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