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Katelyn Skye began her creative career very young, writing little romantic poems that she was too afraid to show to anybody. After graduating from high school and getting admitted into college, her poems slowly developed into longer verses and eventually into little stories that she finally allowed others to read.

Format ePub+Mobi


Katelyn Skye - Accidental Romance 01 - Rage of Passion.epub
Katelyn Skye - Breathless 01 - Edge of Submission.epub
Katelyn Skye - Breathless 01-04 - Edge of Submission; Surrender; Reason; Eternity.epub
Katelyn Skye - Broken Submission 01 - Surrendering Softly.epub
Katelyn Skye - Illicit Liaison 01-04 - Naughty Business; Broken Contract; Eternal Attraction; Final Engagement.epub
Katelyn Skye - Love Affair 01 - Love Affair- Book One.mobi
Katelyn Skye - Loving Jenna 01 - Taste of Love.epub
Katelyn Skye - Loving Jenna 01-04 - Taste of Love; An Engagement; In His Arms; Arrested Heart.epub
Katelyn Skye - Mr Young 01 - Seducing Mr Young.epub
Katelyn Skye - Passion- Intro To Love & Loving Jenna 01 - Taste of Love.epub
Katelyn Skye - Ready For Love.epub

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