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One of the principal inventors of what later became known as sf, Jules Verne wrote highly coloured nineteenth century romantic adventure stories, many of which turn on wonderful inventions like submarines or flying machines or on amazing events like the grazing of the Earth by a comet (in Hector Servadac).

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Jules Verne & William Butcher - The Extraordinary Journeys (Oxfrod Classics).epub
Jules Verne - Amazing Journeys # 5 books F P Walters (trans).pdf
Jules Verne - A Fantasy of Dr Ox.epub
Jules Verne - Captain Antifer.epub
Jules Verne - Invasion of the Sea.epub
Jules Verne - In Search of the Castaways # Charles F Horne (trans).epub
Jules Verne - Michael Strogoff, or the Courier of the Czar (Skyhorse).epub
Jules Verne - The Adventures of Captain Hatteras.epub
Jules Verne - The Begum's Millions.epub
Jules Verne - The Complete Works of Jules Verne.epub
Jules Verne - The Future Revisited # NF by Francois Schiltz Jules Verne on Film.pdf
Jules Verne - The Master of the World.epub
Jules Verne - The Mighty Orinoco.epub
Jules Verne - The Mysterious Island # Jordan Stump (trans).epub
Jules Verne - The Mysterious Island # Sidney Kravitz (trans).epub
Jules Verne - Travel Scholarships.epub
Jules Verne, Anthony Bonner (tr) - [Voyages Extraordinaires 06] - 20,00 Leagues under the Sea.epub
Jules Verne, Frederick Paul Walter (tr) - [Voyages Extraordinaires 06] - 20,00 Leagues under the Seas (v5 0).epub
Jules Verne, H G Wells, Edgar Allan Poe, et al - SF UNIVERSE - The Ultimate Collection of SF Classics.epub
Jules Verne, William Butcher (tr) - [Voyages Extraordinaires 06] - 20,00 Leagues under the Seas.epub

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