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Jeff Somers 13


Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, as a child he imagined he would be a brain surgeon, until a spirit-crushing experience convinced him that in order to be a brain surgeon he would have to actually attend school, work hard, and master basic mathematics.


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Jeff Somers - Avery Cates 01 - The Electric Church.epub
Jeff Somers - Avery Cates 02 - The Digital Plague.epub
Jeff Somers - Avery Cates 03 - The Eternal Prison.epub
Jeff Somers - Avery Cates 04 - The Terminal State.epub
Jeff Somers - Avery Cates 05 - The Final Evolution.epub
Jeff Somers - Chum.epub
Jeff Somers - Ringing the Changes.epub
Jeff Somers - Ustari Cycle 00.5 - Fixer.epub
Jeff Somers - Ustari Cycle 01 - Trickster.epub
Jeff Somers - Ustari Cycle 02 - We are Not Good People.epub
Jeff Somers - Ustari Cycle 03 - The Stringer.epub
Jeff Somers - Ustari Cycle 04 - Last Best Day.epub
Jeff Somers - Ustari Cycle 05 - The Boom Bands.epub

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