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Ian Watson 42


Ian Watson's many novels have won innumerable prizes and awards, starting with the John W. Campbell Award and the French Prix Apollo for his first novel The Embedding. His latest, Mockymen, will be published by Golden Gryphon Press in 2003, and he has also written enough short fiction to fill eight collections. He lives in the heart of rural England with a cat.


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Ian Watson & Andy West - Waters of Destiny 01 - Assassins.epub
Ian Watson & Ian Whates (ed) - The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories.epub
Ian Watson & Ian Whates (ed) - The Mammoth Book of SF Wars.epub
Ian Watson & Michael Bishop - Under Heaven's Bridge.epub
Ian Watson & Roberto Quaglia - Beloved Vampire of the Blood Comet.epub
Ian Watson & Roberto Quaglia - The Mass Extinction of My Beloved.epub
Ian Watson & Roberto Quaglia - The Moby Clitoris of His Beloved.epub
Ian Watson - Alien Embassy.epub
Ian Watson - An Eye for an Eye.epub
Ian Watson - Black Current 01 - The Book of the River.epub
Ian Watson - Black Current 02 - The Book of the Stars.epub
Ian Watson - Black Current 03 - The Book of Being.epub
Ian Watson - Bohemian Rhapsody.epub
Ian Watson - Cages.epub
Ian Watson - Caucus Winter.epub
Ian Watson - Chekhov's Journey.epub
Ian Watson - Converts.epub
Ian Watson - Deathhunter.epub
Ian Watson - Early in the Evening.epub
Ian Watson - God's World.epub
Ian Watson - Hard Questions.epub
Ian Watson - Inquisitor.epub
Ian Watson - Lambert, Lambert.epub
Ian Watson - Life in the Groove.epub
Ian Watson - My Soul Swims In A Goldfish Bowl.epub
Ian Watson - Queenmagic, Kingmagic.epub
Ian Watson - Returning Home.epub
Ian Watson - Saving for a Sunny Day.epub
Ian Watson - Slow Birds.epub
Ian Watson - Stalin's Teardrops.epub
Ian Watson - The Amber Room.epub
Ian Watson - The Black Wall of Jerusalem.epub
Ian Watson - The Boy Who Lost An Hour, The Girl Who Lost Her Life.epub
Ian Watson - The Coming of Vertumnus.epub
Ian Watson - The Embedding.epub
Ian Watson - The Fire Worm.epub
Ian Watson - The Gardens of Delight.epub
Ian Watson - The People on the Precipice.epub
Ian Watson - The Power.azw3
Ian Watson - The Thousand Cuts.epub
Ian Watson - The Very Slow Time Machine.epub
Ian Watson - Whores of Babylon.epub

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