Iain Banks 33


(Iain Menzies Banks)

aka Iain M Banks

Iain Banks came to widespread and controversial acclaim with the publication of his first novel, THE WASP FACTORY, in 1984. However, it was his 1987 novel CONSIDER PHLEBAS which introduced his remarkable talent to the SF community, and also saw the addition of the 'M' to his name - an addition which remains a distinguishing feature of his SF work. 

Format ePub


Iain Banks - A Song Of Stone.epub
Iain Banks - A Song of Stone.epub
Iain Banks - Canal Dreams.epub
Iain Banks - Complicity.epub
Iain Banks - Dead Air.epub
Iain Banks - Espedair Street.epub
Iain Banks - Raw Spirit-In Search of the Perfect Dram.epub
Iain Banks - Raw Spirit- In Search of the Perfect Dram.azw3
Iain Banks - Stonemouth.epub
Iain Banks - The Bridge.epub
Iain Banks - The Business.epub
Iain Banks - The Crow Road.epub
Iain Banks - The Quarry.epub
Iain Banks - The Steep Approach to Garbadale.epub
Iain Banks - The Wasp Factory.epub
Iain Banks - Walking on Glass.epub
Iain Banks - Whit.epub
Iain M Banks - Against a Dark Background.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture 01 - Consider Phlebas.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture 02 - The Player of Games.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture 03 - The State of the Art # SSC.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture 04 - Use of Weapons.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture 05 - Excession.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture 06 - Inversions.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture 07 - Look to Windward.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture 08 - Matter.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture 09 - Surface Detail.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture 10 - The Hydrogen Sonata.epub
Iain M Banks - Culture - A Few Notes on the Culture # SS.epub
Iain M Banks - Feersum Endjinn.epub
Iain M Banks - The Algebraist.epub
Iain M Banks - The Wasp Factory.epub
Iain M Banks - Transition.epub

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