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Herbie Brennan 16


A pseudonym used by
J.H. Brennan

With combined sales now in excess of 7.5 millions, Herbie Brennan is a professional writer whose work has appeared in more than fifty countries, including Britain, the United States, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Turkey and various Latin American countries. 


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Herbie Brennan (ed) - Through the Wardrobe- Your Favorite Authors on C S Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia.epub
Herbie Brennan - Death of God.epub
Herbie Brennan - Faerie Wars 01 - Faerie Wars.epub
Herbie Brennan - Faerie Wars 02 - The Purple Emperor.epub
Herbie Brennan - Faerie Wars 03 - Ruler of the Realm.epub
Herbie Brennan - Faerie Wars 04 - Faerie Lord.epub
Herbie Brennan - Faerie Wars 05 - The Faeman Quest.epub
Herbie Brennan - Fourth Reich.epub
Herbie Brennan - Madame de Gaulle's Penis- A Fictional Memoir of the Sixties.epub
Herbie Brennan - Quest 03 - GreekQuest.epub
Herbie Brennan - Quest 04 - RomanQuest.epub
Herbie Brennan - Shadow Project 01 - The Shadow Project.epub
Herbie Brennan - Shadow Project 02 - The Doomsday Box.epub
Herbie Brennan - The God's Decision.epub
Herbie Brennan - The Secret Prophecy.epub
Herbie Brennan - The Synchronistic Barometer.epub

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