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Guy N Smith 18


Guy Newman Smith (born 1939, Hopwas, Staffordshire) is an English writer of horror fiction.

He wrote his first horror book, Werewolf by Moonlight in 1974, which spawned two sequels. He is probably best known for a series of six Crabs books, the first of which, Night of the Crabs, was published in 1976.


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Guy N Smith - Accursed.epub
Guy N Smith - Bats Out of Hell.epub
Guy N Smith - Blood Circuit.epub
Guy N Smith - Crabs 08 - The Charnel Caves.epub
Guy N Smith - Jason Ford 01 - The Eighth Day.epub
Guy N Smith - Jason Ford 02 - Psalm 151.epub
Guy N Smith - Night of the Crabs 01 - Night of the Crabs.epub
Guy N Smith - Night Of The Crabs 02 - Crabs Moon.epub
Guy N Smith - Sabat 01 - The Graveyard Vultures.epub
Guy N Smith - Sabat 02 - The Blood Merchants.epub
Guy N Smith - Sabat 03 - Cannibal Cult.epub
Guy N Smith - Sabat 04 - The Druid Connection.epub
Guy N Smith - Snakes.epub
Guy N Smith - The Lurkers.epub
Guy N Smith - The Pluto Pact.epub
Guy N Smith - The Slime Beast.epub
Guy N Smith - The Wood.epub
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