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Guy Adams 17


Guy Adams trained and worked as an actor for twelve years before becoming a full-time writer. If nothing else this proves he has no concept of a sensible career. He mugged someone on Emmerdale, performed a dance routine as Hitler and spent eighteen months touring his own comedy material around clubs and theatres.


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Guy Adams - Clown Service 02 - The Rain-Soaked Bride.epub
Guy Adams - Clown Service 03 - A Few Words for the Dead.epub
Guy Adams - Hammer 02 - Countess Dracula.epub
Guy Adams - Hands of the Ripper.epub
Guy Adams - Heaven's Gate 01 - The Good, the Bad and the Infernal.epub
Guy Adams - Heaven's Gate 02 - Once Upon a Time in Hell.epub
Guy Adams - Heaven's Gate 03 - For a Few Souls More.epub
Guy Adams - Kronos.epub
Guy Adams - Kronos # aka Captain Kronos-Vampire Hunter.epub
Guy Adams - Sherlock Holmes 01 - The Breath of God.epub
Guy Adams - Sherlock Holmes 02 - The Army of Doctor Moreau.epub
Guy Adams - The Change 01 - London- Orbital.epub
Guy Adams - The Change 02 - New York- The Queen of Coney Island.epub
Guy Adams - The Change 03 - Paris- A City of Fools.epub
Guy Adams - The Clown Service.epub
Guy Adams - World House 01 - The World House.epub
Guy Adams - World House 02 - Restoration.epub

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