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Erin Quinn is just the average girl next door in Gilbert, Arizona where she lives with her husband, two daughters and three dogs (all of whom have made debuts in her stories--the dogs, that is, not the husband and kids.) In HAUNTING BEAUTY, Danni Smith's little dog is based on Erin's devoted mutt who lays at her feet every morning when she writes.

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Erin Quinn - A Little Bit of Sugar.epub
Erin Quinn - A Shiver at Twilight.epub
Erin Quinn - Beyond 02 - The Three Fates of Ryan Love.epub
Erin Quinn - Beyond 03 - The Seven Sins of Ruby Love.epub
Erin Quinn - Echoes.epub
Erin Quinn - Haunting Beauty.epub
Erin Quinn - Kissing Kris Kringle.epub
Erin Quinn - Mists of Ireland 02 - Haunting Warrior.epub
Erin Quinn - Mists of Ireland 03 - Haunting Desire.epub
Erin Quinn - Mists of Ireland 04 - Haunting Embrace.epub
Erin Quinn - Sexy Secret Santas - Kissing Kris Kringle.pdf
Erin Quinn - Shaking It Up.epub
Erin Quinn - The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love.epub
Erin Quinn - Web of Smoke.epub
Erin Quinn - Whispers.epub

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