64 Chess eBooks


 64 Chess eBooks PDF COLLECTION

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Chess Problems

      700 Chess Problems (1902).pdf
      777 Chess Puzzles (full book).pdf
      Canadian Chess Problems.pdf
      Crumbs from the Chess-Board (1890).pdf
      Problem  Solving Tourney 1888.pdf
      W. Lewis - Chess Problems (1827).pdf     
End Game

      Cappablanca Best Chess Endings.pdf
      Chess - Just The Facts I (Alburt And Krogius).pdf

     40 Instructional Chess Games.pdf
     Alexander Kotov - Play Like a Grandmaster.pdf
     Art of Attack In Chess.pdf
     Better Chess For Average Players.pdf
     Chess Master Secrets vol.1.PDF
     Chess Mastership.pdf
     Fischer, Robert - My 60 Memorable Games.pdf
     Gary Kasparov Teaches Chess.pdf
     Kasparov vs. Karpov - World Chess Championship 1990.pdf
     Nimzowitsch - My System.pdf
     Pirc Alert.pdf
     Secrets of Practical Chess.pdf
     Winning Chess Brilliancies.pdf
     Winning Pawn Structures.pdf

     A Guide to Scholastic Chess.pdf
     Chess and Content-Oriented Psychology of Thinking.pdf
     How to Beat the Computer at Chess.pdf

      Ahlander-Tairi, Malm? 2003.pdf
      Attacking with 1d4.pdf
      Canizares-Sveinsson 2003.pdf
      Cao-Almasi 2003.pdf
      Chess - King-Pawn Openings.pdf
      Chess Open Games.pdf
      Chess Openings for Progressive Players.pdf
      Chess Openings.pdf
      Easy Guide to the Ruy Lopez.pdf
      Granda Zuniga - Gonzales 2003.pdf
      How to Play Chess Openings.pdf
      How To Study The Chess Opening.pdf
      Improve Your Opening Play.pdf
      Lane - Sicilian Bb5 Systems.pdf
      Michael Basman - Play the St George.pdf
      Most Common Opening Tactics.pdf
      Nielson-Mcshane - Grunfeld.pdf
      Opening Developments.pdf
      Opening Preparation.pdf
      Openings for Progressive Players.pdf
      Riff-Hennemann, Mulhouse ch 2002.pdf
      Shamkovich - Nezhmetdinov 1961.pdf
      Sicilian Labourdonnais - Loewenthal Variation.pdf
      Starting Out the King's Indian.pdf
      The Ultimate King's Indian Attack.pdf
      Vasiukov-Van Wely 2002.pdf
      Winning Chess Openings.pdf
      Winning With The Sicilian.pdf
Tactics and strategy

      Book of Chess Strategy.pdf
      Chess Strategy and Tactics For Novice Players.pdf
      Chess Strategy.pdf
      Excelling At Positional Chess.pdf
      Modern Chess Stategy.pdf
      School Of Chess Excellence 3 - Strategic Play Vol 09.pdf
      Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy.pdf
      Strategic Play.pdf
      Tactical Play.pdf
      The Magic of Chess Tactics.pdf


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