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Bud Sparhawk 17


John C. "Bud" Sparhawk is an American science fiction author most associated with Analog but has appeared in several other magazines and anthologies. He is a three-time nominee for the Nebula Award for Best Novella. Sparhawk was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and lives in Annapolis. He has a BS degree in Mathematics and an MBA in Finance.


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Bud Sparhawk & Ramona Wheeler - The Connection.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Alba Krystal.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Astronomic Distance, Geologic Time.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Bright Red Star.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Childish Things.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Clay's Pride.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Encounter in a Yellow Wood.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Etiquette.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Frost.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Jakes Gift.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Magic's Price.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Primrose and Thorn.epub
Bud Sparhawk - Primrose Rescue.epub
Bud Sparhawk - The Ice Dragon's Song.epub
Bud Sparhawk - The Late Sam Boone.epub
Bud Sparhawk - The Suit.epub
Bud Sparhawk - The Tomkins Battery Case.epub

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