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Anne Fine is a distinguished writer for children of all ages, with over forty books to her credit. As well as being chosen as Children's Laureate in 2001, she is twice winner of the Carnegie Medal, Britain's most coveted children's literature award, and has also won the Guardian Children's Literature Award, the Whitbread Children's Novel Award twice, and a Smarties Prize.

Format ePub


Anne Fine - All Bones and Lies.epub
Anne Fine - Anneli the Art Hater.epub
Anne Fine - Bad Dreams.epub
Anne Fine - Bill's New Frock.epub
Anne Fine - Blood Family.epub
Anne Fine - Charm School.epub
Anne Fine - Crummy Mummy and Me.epub
Anne Fine - Eating Things on Sticks.epub
Anne Fine - Flour Babies.epub
Anne Fine - Fly in the Ointment.epub
Anne Fine - Frozen Billy.epub
Anne Fine - Goggle-Eyes.epub
Anne Fine - How To Write Really Badly.epub
Anne Fine - Jennifer's Diary.epub
Anne Fine - Killer Cat 01 - The Diary of a Killer Cat.epub
Anne Fine - Killer Cat 02 - The Return of the Killer Cat.epub
Anne Fine - Killer Cat 03 - The Killer Cat Strikes Back.epub
Anne Fine - Killer Cat 04 - The Killer Cat's Birthday Bash.epub
Anne Fine - Killer Cat 05 - The Killer Cat's Christmas.epub
Anne Fine - Killer Cat 06 - The Killer Cat Runs Away.epub
Anne Fine - Loudmouth Louis.epub
Anne Fine - Madame Doubtfire.epub
Anne Fine - Notso Hotso.epub
Anne Fine - Raking the Ashes.epub
Anne Fine - Roll Over Roly.epub
Anne Fine - Saving Miss Mirabelle (The Country Pancake).epub
Anne Fine - Step by Wicked Step.epub
Anne Fine - The Angel of Nitshill Road.epub
Anne Fine - The Book of the Banshee.epub
Anne Fine - The Chicken Gave it to Me.epub
Anne Fine - The Devil Walks.epub
Anne Fine - The Road of Bones.epub
Anne Fine - The Tulip Touch.epub
Anne Fine - The Worst Child I Ever Had.epub
Anne Fine - Up on Cloud Nine.epub

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