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Flinn was born in Glen Cove, New York and grew up in Syosset, New York and Miami, Florida. At the age of five she started thinking about being a writer and submitted early efforts to magazines like Highlights, which did not publish them. At twelve, she moved to Palmetto Bay, Florida, a suburb of Miami, where she still lives.

Format ePub


Alex Flinn - A Magical Trio.epub
Alex Flinn - Beastly - Lindy's Diary.epub
Alex Flinn - Breaking Point.epub
Alex Flinn - Breathing Underwater 01 - Breathing Underwater.epub
Alex Flinn - Breathing Underwater 02 - Diva.epub
Alex Flinn - Cloaked.epub
Alex Flinn - Diva.epub
Alex Flinn - Fade to Black.epub
Alex Flinn - Fairy Tales 02 - A Kiss in Time.epub
Alex Flinn - Fairy Tales 06 - Mirrored.epub
Alex Flinn - Girls of July.epub
Alex Flinn - Kendra Chronicles 01 - Beastly.epub
Alex Flinn - Kendra Chronicles 02 - Bewitching.epub
Alex Flinn - Kendra Chronicles 03 - Towering.epub
Alex Flinn - Kendra Chronicles 04 - Beheld.epub
Alex Flinn - Mirrored.epub
Alex Flinn - Nothing to Lose.epub

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